National Occupational Safety and Health Strategy 2021-2027

The national Strategy for occupational safety and health is a platform for bringing together the Austrian stakeholders in OSH. In this network representatives of the Austrian labour inspectorate, social partners, social insurance institutes, other Federal ministries, professional associations, research institutes and other actors in OSH define new common goals  and identify relevant areas of activities.

Since the initial launch in 2007 several common project have been carried out to improve risk assessment, prevent occupational accidents and diseases and to further develop training in occupational safety and health.

Based on the experiences of the past and strongly influenced by the European Strategic Framework the National Strategy 2021-2027 has entered the third round.

The focus is on

  • Change: digital and green transformation
  • Prevention: minimizing occupational accidents – Vision Zero – and work related diseases especially those linked to chemical agents, as well as ergonomic and psychosocial risk
  • Preparation for future pandemics

Concrete projects encompass violence at the workplace, noise, digitalisation (in the frame of the EU-OSHA campaign), road safety, occupational safety and health for starters, carcinogens, COVID 19: lessons learned, collecting data on health and safety of workers, raising awareness of young workers.

Further information (in German)

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