Foreign safety experts (preventive services)

Persons who have concluded a safety training course outside Austria can work as safety experts (preventive services) if recognition for their certificates, attestation of competence or professional qualifications can be obtained from a recognised Austrian institution for specialist training in this field.

This is currently carried out by the head office of the Austrian Workers' Compensation Boardinstitution (AUVA) and the Institutes for Economic Promotion of the Economic Chamber (WIFI) in the provinces.

These institutions issue a certificate which corresponds to the Austrian certificate for safety experts (preventive services). If the training courses in the person's country of origin are not regulated by the state, relevant work experience of at least two years is required.

In order to work as an external safety expert (preventive services), or to run a specialist safety centre, a business licence is required.

You can obtain further information from the website of the Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs

Recognition of certificates

Registration of a business

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